v3.0 – Hell, it’s about time…


Getting to this point seems a bit surreal. I’ve been focus on designing and developing this site for so long that it doesn’t feel like I should be shifting my focus off of it. So many starts and stops, in hindsight, that created a lot of unnecessary work.

This doesn’t mean the site is done with getting updates. There’s a few features I still have in mind and I’ll mention them later in this post. Also there will always be small bugs and room to optimize the code.

For now

I had a few goals in mind while developing this site which I’ve hit all of them thus far:

_ Using no frameworks like bootstrap. ( Created my own system for better or worse. )
_ Hand coding nearly everything up to this point.
_ Relying on zero WordPress plugins. ( Until the store is put in. )
_ Easy to re-color aka theme a page. ( Which should help with that itch to redesign the site. )

New favicon

Why did it take so long to get to this point? I wouldn’t call myself a programmer but at this point you could argue I am. I had to upgrade my skillset on a few things… WordPress itself, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript.

Also sitting down and really thinking about what I would want out of a website. It’s not just about the design but functionality of how the user would use it and how I interact with the site to add content. This site feels like my first one that doesn’t rely on a heavy influence. Time and experience starting to shine through here I must say.

Side note here, with all the tools, themes, and different platforms out there… I don’t recommend this path unless you want to be a website dev.




What’s changed with 3.0 since I’ve last gave an update with 2.3? Frankly, everything. Every page has been updated and/or reworked.


+ New custom post types Music and Art.
+ New archive grid system for all content. ( Music, Art, and News )
+ New single pages for Music, Art, and News complete with share and third party store links. ( Custom repeater fields. )
+ New Linktree page. ( Instead of relying on third party company, made my own. )
+ New favicon set.
+ Each section can have it’s own theme / colors.
+ Lightbox feature, works great on mobile too.
+ Custom scrollbars. 🤵
+ Reworked backgrounds for About and Connect page.
+ Reworked “Latest” homepage , everything that feels like it should be clickable, is.
+ And so many small improvements that aren’t worth their own callout in a changelog.

Post types

These are Features/Goals for the future that show up slowly overtime.

– Full functioning web store.
– Reaction button for posts/product pages.
– Add related posts to Music / Art pages.
– Another custom post type for Merch products.
– Create an Admin/Setting page for the theme.
– Custom color panel that is click and select for theming instead of CSS code.
– If the theme becomes robust enough, package it and offer it on the marketplace




As I already said, moving forward I’ll be redirecting my main focus on building up content for the site. I’ll keep my eye on analytics a lot closer and look for options about posting content on other platforms.

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PS. I’ve created a wallpaper to celebrate the release of v3.0. ↓

To help celebrate the release of v3.0 of thefrxst.com, I’ve created a wallpaper for you to consume.

While making the cover art for the v3.0 post it evolved into looking much cooler and abstract than expected. So much so that the effort to make this happen was granted worthy.

You get 2 choices _ phone ( 1080×2460 ) or desktop ( 3840 x 2160 ) – click on the images to download wallpaper.



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