Version 1.0 of thefrxst.com is here

After resisting for so long I finally took the time to force myself to learn how to correctly do responsive design. Hundreds of hours put in from designing in Photoshop to hand coding the base index.htm then to converting it into WordPress theme. It’s here, version 1.0, my new foundation, thefrxst.com.


I believe it’s very important to not solely rely on social media platforms but to have your own platform where you are in full control. You never know if one of these platforms will disappear or change too much for you to bare


version 1.0


My plan is to continuously update this site with new content, pages, features, a shop area in the future. When I update I’ll do a website Version post with a changelog.


Websites aren’t quite as simple as they were. I use to be able to bang out a design and code in a fairly short amount of time. With responsive design you have to really think how all the pieces will work together depending on the width. It’s like building an App basically, design wise. Go ahead resize your browser and see the magic at work.


Of course you can’t have a good website without a little bit oddness. Here’s a couple of bits below.


contact form


404 page


If you find bugs with the website or have a comment please contact me and let me know.


Stay tuned, I’ll be posting some tools I’ve created, music and artwork in the future.

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