v2.3 – v2.1 _

Edited: I combined these three changelog updates into one post _ 2022/05/26

v2.3 – About and 404 Pages _ 2022/02/06

404 page

+ Redesigned About page; new images, content
+ About has it’s own custom field to make reordering and uploading images with ease
+ Redesigned 404 page, terminal pc and matrix influenced
+ 404 has custom function to call on CSS elements, only if 404 page is loaded
+ 404 and About are responsive design
+ Got rid of the <p> wrap for preview description for sharing on other sites
+ Added Page titles to pages that double as breadcrumbs navigation

Custom Fields

I had a little fun with the 404 page. It’s good enough. Good exercise for testing my theme on how easy it is to recolor all elements on the page. I want to separate a few elements as a secondary color in the future. Good time to tackle that would be during the redesigning of the single news page.

About page

v2.2 – Connect Page _ 2022/01/17

+ Connect Page – Responsive Design page is done.
+ Links to social pages, easy to edit for future changes
+ Contact form working without plugins.

Responsive design

Fun contact form messages depends on what the user does.

not_human = “Human Verification Incorrect. Boss, get back to Mother Base.”;
missing_content = “All Fields Required. Why are we still here? Just to suffer?”;
email_invalid = “Email Address Invalid. You feel it, too, don’t you?”;
message_unsent = “Message was not sent. Try again… Kept you waiting huh.”;
message_sent = “Sent. Arriving at LZ shortly.”;

Connect Page

v2.1 – Header/Footer Responsive Design _ 2021/12/31

+ Header – Removed second menu and it’s css styles and made the main menu fully responsive
+ Footer – All elements responsive

There’s a high probability it will need minor tweaks to get the ideal outcome.

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